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Hi, I’m Willow Sibert, The Intuitive Entrepreneur – with a new approach to using contemporary spiritual principles in your every day business life. I am a coach, mentor, trainer, radio show host, and a natural-born psychic. Let me use my unique background to help you set and get to your career goals.“A Different Monday Business Success System”™A Different Monday™ System guides you through your own personal process to shift how you experience your business days. This system helps you transform Monday “dread” into joy and excitement about the opportunities you have for creativity and breakthroughs during the week.


What’s Got 30?™ Working in a fast-paced corporate environment in California as a national training manager, I began to find helpful ways to get me through the long days and sometimes long nights. I created techniques to change the energy of a meeting, to shift the mood in a room, and to help me relax, relieve stress, and focus. I noticed that if I could devise effective practices that would take only 30, 60, or 90 seconds, I could always find time to do them, and that they would make a real difference.


So, my Got30? Tips are just that – things to do if you’ve Got 30 (seconds, that is), to shift and change the way you think and feel.


“Because of Willow, I am now fully engaged in who I am in the business world…I now know I can contribute to the well-being of the planet, be successful in my business, and become more and more of who I am every day.”
Lynette Brannon
Business owner, Austin, TX

Our products and programs help you to:

  • Integrate your innate intuitive knowledge with your practical business skills

  • Reunite your spirituality with your humanism

  • Set your intention for positive results in your life

  • Align your values and beliefs with your actions in

    your business and your life.

  • Expand yourself with the guidance of a unique Coach and Mentor for professional and personal success!

Whether you are a top corporate executive moving ahead, or a woman entrepreneur launching a home business, small business, and/or network business, A Different Monday™ Business Success System gives you premier guidance to create and maintain authenticity, balance, and success every day of the week, in your own unique way — as a professional woman!

Enhance your professional success in productivity, relationships, and bottom line profits.

I’ve used my own professional and personal experience of what works and what doesn’t to create fresh, one-of-a-kind products and programs for you. Each one utilizes spirituality and intuition to engage and change the business experience in ways that support a more positive, well-balanced work day – in ways you can use immediately!

“I respect Willow’s ability to synthesize, organize and deliver complex information effectively. She’s a gifted teacher with a unique ability to bridge between worlds — grounded both in the business world, and in the world of spirit.”
Sandy Hogan, PCC
Certified Integral Life Coach

“Willow is a true info entrepreneur – she can get practical information for business from the intuitive realm and bring it into focus in the real world.”

Tucson, AZ

A Different Monday™ Business Success System Products offers a variety of options for today’s Business Woman in digital e-book and audio formats to best suit your needs and schedule — at work, at home, or on the go.

A Different Monday™ Business Success System Programs are available in live telecourses (with mp3 downloadable archives for course members) and retreats, along two different focus tracks (rising executive or woman re-entering the workplace) so that you can customize a program for your unique career needs and lifestyle.

A Different Monday™ Business Success System Coaching gives you one-to-one mentoring with me to provide direct intuitive guidance in your business and personal life. We specialize in working with the small business entrepreneur, especially women with a home business or network marketing business.

Create A Different Monday™ Success Story of Your Own Every Day!

For the hesitant newcomer or the seasoned professional, A Different Monday™ Business Success System can quickly and easily help you strengthen and utilize untapped intuitive skills to become truly successful at work. The system is for real and will work for anyone – with my personal money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

Let’s get you started now!

P.S. Why not make every day of the week feel like Friday afternoon? To find out about my own corporate experience with Mondays, please click here.

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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